Goal of 1919 Event:

The CCRA’s 1919 After-School Tutoring Project for disadvantaged students began in 2004. For the past 13 years, 30,000 children have benefited from the project. The community-based 1919 Service Centers will serve 2,806 disadvantaged students (approximately 234 classes) from Sep. 2017 to Aug. 2018. It costs NT 1200 per month for an elementary school student and NT 2000 per month for a junior high school student. The period of support is at least one year. In addition, 79 classes in the arts will be offered. The total required funding is NT 57 million. In order to raise these funds, Studio Classroom, CCRA and TRAVELER have joined efforts, for the fourth year in a row, to hold a charity running event: the “2017 Let’s Run.” All the proceeds will be donated to the 1919 After-School Tutoring Project. We appeal to society to support these students in their educational needs. Together, we can show care and love to an even greater number of disadvantaged children.
Event information:

From April 20th to July 3rd, 2017
6km – 2,500 participants
11km – 1,000 participants

Anticipated Schedule:

15:00 Check-in & Back-check
16:00 Opening
16:30 11 km starts
16:40 6 km starts
17:40 Post-race, Music Party & Raffle

18:40  Event ends

Noted Information:
(1) Care for the earth- please do not litter.
(2) Free deserts and drinks will be provided on spot.
(3) Lockers are available from 3:00 to 6:40 p.m. Please make sure to retrieve your personal belongings from the locker before 6:40 p.m. The organizers are not responsible for your valuables. 
(4) Participants are requested to wear the event gear and badges.
(5) The lucky draw receipt is valid until the end of the event.
(6) Please refer to the official website for any further announcements.

Safety Precautions:
(1) The organizers urge all runners to consult their individual physicians before registration. Only a physician who is familiar with your medical history, your current health condition and your medications can advise you as to whether you are fit to run a marathon and tell you what preparations to make.
(2) Fluids are available before, during and after the race at each station. Please make sure to drink appropriate fluids along the course at regular intervals.
(3) If you feel ill along the route, please do seek assistance at any of the water supply station.

(1) On-line registration - www.letsrun.tw
(2) The non-refundable registration fee for 6 km is NT$700 and 11km NT$900.
(3) Student special: Students who are 18 years old or under pay only NT$500 (TRAVELER sports towel souvenir would not be included) Anyone under 18 years old must download a Declaration of Parental/Guardian's Consent form and FAX to (02)2925-9995
(4) Registration vis telephone: 02-8660-9995 ext.183

6K TRAVELER Running Shirt
11K TRAVELER Running Vest
TRAVELER Cinch Backpack

11K TRAVELER Sports Long Towel

Souvenirs are provided for the runners by TRAVELER and Studio Classroom.
TRAVELER Running Shirt
Price NT$1,580
TRAVELER Cinch Backpack 
TRAVELER Store Coupons 
Studio Classroom Coupons
Let's Talk in English or Studio Classroom magazine, August 2017

TRAVELER Running Vest
Price NT$1,280
TRAVELER Sports Long Towel 
Price NT$480
TRAVELER Cinch Backpack
TRAVELER Store Coupons 
Studio Classroom Coupons
Let's Talk in English or Studio Classroom magazine, August 2017

From July 21 to July 28, registrants can pick up their race package at selected stores by showing his/her ID. If mail delivery is chosen (postage is an additional charge), the package should be received prior to July 21.

Transportation information:
Roads and the parking lot at Bitan Scenic Area Park will be closed. Please do use public transportation.

Public transportation:
(1) MRT:Xindian Line, get off @ Xindian station
(2) Bus:
A. "MRT Xindian Station" stop: 642, 647, 650, 779, 8, 839, 849, 923, 930, green1, green5, green6, green12, green13, brown7
B. "Bitan Bridge Front" stop:643, 648, 905, 909, green 7, green 8, green 10

(3) Motor transport: "MRT Xindian Station" stop: 1968, 1551
C. Parking: MRT Xindian Station, Bitan Public Marke